Process Work

Process Work is a cross-disciplinary, multi-cultural approach first formulated by Dr. Arnold Mindell in Zurich in the late 1970s. With its roots in Jungian psychology, Taoism, and quantum physics, it approaches disturbance as a source of meaning and development. In unraveling difficulties and challenges, new awareness emerges that leads to the growth of wisdom, and the enrichment of individuals, groups, systems, and cultures. Process Work is applied in many fields and is useful in working with:

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  • physical symptoms and illness
  • relationship difficulties
  • mental health issues
  • addictions
  • social tensions and conflict
  • coma and near-death experiences

It provides a practical framework through which individuals, relationships, groups and systems can connect with greater awareness, depth, sensitivity and effectiveness.

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The founder of Process Work, Dr. Arnold Mindell, has published many books on his work, together with his wife Amy. For information on their courses, seminars and training please refer to

Ingrid began her studies in Process Work in Zurich in 1989 and has been a graduate of the program since 1995. She offers training and seminars in Process Work in Portland, Oregon, and many other places in the world. She is a faculty member of the Process Work Institute and teaches at the center in Portland in the graduate and public programs. Ingrid also offers process-oriented individual, relationship and group sessions, as well as student supervision, training and exam preparation.